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A long walk & a pain in the ankle

I went for a walk in the blistering summer heat today and it was great. I feel like I can finally walk again. It isn’t without its painful moments, but it was very empowering to be walking again at a decent pace.

Yahoo! Six pounds and change lost!

Well, since my ankle injury in February I’ve been at a much lower activity level and I finally have started losing some of the weight that I gained while I was waiting for my leg to heal. It is a journey that is far from over, but I feel better knowing that changes are already happening and I’ve only been walking a few weeks without my cast.

Finally: I walked a mile and a half

It was great to feel mobile again. I can finally see the finish line of my rehab process. I’m not the first person to injure herself, but it was the first time for me and I have been less than patient with the process. Now it has been 3 months since my surgery and I am on the road to walking long distances again, which is what I love to do. It’s my favorite form of exercise.