Children, Rainstorms and Change

I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself. I’ve been bummed about my ankle injury, gained weight because of the injury, and being unemployed amongst other things. I’ve found that it is the little things that remind you of how to proceed in a more healthy way.

I went to my friend’s house this weekend to break up the monotony of staying at home and on Saturday I went for a walk with my friend’s two daughters. We went to the bookstore a few blocks away. Big deal, you might say, but…I’ve been very isolated due to my injury and I had lost the practice of being around people and getting out of the house. It was a real boost for me to walk outside on a beautiful day and focus on two children, instead of myself.

I am very grateful to have opportunities to get outside of myself. I also volunteer twice a week teaching math and reading to adults. This is also a highlight of my week, because as much as I am helping someone else, it is also beneficial to me. I feel very happy knowing that I can help and for a brief part of my day I feel relieved that I am not thinking about myself. Worrying about the future doesn’t really change anything.

I mentioned rainstorms in the title, because there have been a lot of rainstorms this summer and I love them. It’s like a cleansing break from the sunshine and then, of course┬áthe sunshine comes back. It might be a little weird to like the rain, but in the summer it makes me happy. Ity also affords me time to contemplate stuff. I feel meditative and happy in the rain.

Finally, all of these things children, volunteering, rainstorms and even a cup of coffee with a friend can help ease a heavy heart and it pushes me to do more and be more hopeful.

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