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Happier, Plain and Simple

It’s October and things are looking up. My creativity is coming back to me and it feels great. I’m still in a bit of pain from my ankle break, but it feels better every day and every day I am able to do more.

Hello, Again

I haven’t written in a very long time. I’ve been really down. I’m still blue, but I wanted to draw a picture and I wanted to touch base with the few of you that still read this blog. I’m going through a tough time. Pondering the meaning of life is overwhelming. Being forty and out of work and recovering from a major injury is daunting.

Getting Things Done: The Modern To Do List

Everyone has to do lists. The trick is getting stuff on that list done. I’ve found a way to motivate myself that works for me. I use a website called Remember the Milk which is an online site that allows you to create to do lists and manage them for free. I have created customized lists for my everyday chores.