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Finding Work: New Avenues

I am unemployed, like many other people, and I am trying to be creative about career paths. One of the directions I am thinking about is to work in a non-profit helping people to get back into the work force. I like volunteering to help people gain literacy and I’d like to educate people as to how to write resumes, seek work and pass the GED. It isn’t a cake walk to get into the non-profit arena. It’s important to make contacts and volunteer at first. In Chicago, knowing how to speak Spanish is also very important.

Bad Sushi & a Case of the Yucks

The other night I got takeout sushi and it tasted okay, but the next day I was covered head to toe with a rash. Hives, to be specific. Yucky looking and itchy. No amount of Benadryl is helping, so I have to get started on steroids according to the doctor.Yesterday my lips were so blown up, I looked like I had restalyne injections.

How To Ace Your Job Interview by Annabel Candy

We all get nervous at job interviews but it’s like anything else in life – the more you do them the less you fear them.

I’m famously work shy and also quite shy around strangers but strangely, although I’ve certainly experienced failure, I can’t remember having a job interview and not getting the job.