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Getting Things Done: The Modern To Do List

Everyone has to do lists. The trick is getting stuff on that list done. I’ve found a way to motivate myself that works for me. I use a website called Remember the Milk which is an online site that allows you to create to do lists and manage them for free. I have created customized lists for my everyday chores.

Feeling Insecure and Fat Pants

Fat pants. Ugh. Lately, I just feel yucky. I wish that I was slimmer, but it will take time. I’m still recovering from an injury to my ankle. My solution to feeling “yucky” is to try and look my best when I leave the house. I have some flattering pants and tops. Nothing too exciting, but it’s better than nothing. I would like to dress cuter, but nothing fits right now. My hope is that with more exercise and better eating habits I can fit into more clothes this fall.

Finding Work: New Avenues

I am unemployed, like many other people, and I am trying to be creative about career paths. One of the directions I am thinking about is to work in a non-profit helping people to get back into the work force. I like volunteering to help people gain literacy and I’d like to educate people as to how to write resumes, seek work and pass the GED. It isn’t a cake walk to get into the non-profit arena. It’s important to make contacts and volunteer at first. In Chicago, knowing how to speak Spanish is also very important.